Government Support

Government Support

Xi’an Liang Jiatan International School runs a key international education program supported by the Hi-Tech Zone Administrative Committee of Xi’an, Shaanxi. XLIS has implemented its "Head of School responsibility system," which is under the direct guidance of Xi’an High-tech Education Bureau,Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone. The government provides direction and strategy, with expertise and rich experience in international education, the business community, finance, facilities and risk management, human resources and legal areas. This works towards the sustained development of the school.

 (1) Introduction of Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone(including Xi’an High-tech Education Bureau)

Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone is one of the first national high-tech zones approved by the State Council. Over the past 26 years, key economic indicators of Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone have been growing rapidly, and the overall indicators of the zone ranks among the top of the 56 national high-tech zones in China. Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone has its own strength and characteristics in terms of promoting technological innovation and developing high-tech industries with our own national independent intellectual property rights. Today, Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone has become one of the areas with the most promising investment results, most dynamic market, and most developed economy. It is a window of strong economic growth and opening-up showcase, and it is an important base for China to develop high-tech industries.

 (2) Xi’an International Community Introduction

Xi’an International Community is in the extended area south of the High-Tech Zone. It is planned to be set on the main axis of Greater Xi’an. As an important carrier of high-end innovation factors and resources, Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone is to build a national independent innovation demonstration zone, and the core area of the national free trade zone. Xi’an International Community is responsible for creating an international ecosystem and cultural services in the world-class science. The technology park will be used to optimize the area’s ecology and living environment with international standards, promote multiculturalism, science, technological innovation and high-end business exchange.

Xi’an International Community encourages the concept of international education. With Xi’an Liang Jiatan International School, Xi’an will have an educational institution ranging from kindergarten to high school. The community is committed to cultivating a global vision and inclusive of international citizens and creating an international education platform.

Parent Teacher Association

The XLIS Parent Teacher Association has had many opportunities to serve the school community in a variety of ways over the past few years. Since the heartbeat of the PTA is to make a positive impact on the school, school staff members often present newly emerging ideas to the PTA in order to receive thoughtful feedback that helps shape policies and proposals. And, because we represent many different nationalities, we offer a multi-cultural sounding board for the parents and students.

We have been able to organize numerous bake sales in order to raise funds that directly benefit students. Parents have also generously donated personal time and delicious snacks in order to make these sales successful. Everyone looks forward to the tasty barbeques we host at both the Sports Day and the Spring Fair. These have certainly become a tradition that everyone looks forward to, helping to build school spirit and identity. In the past, we have used these funds to purchase new library books and lower the cost of the school’s yearbook.

Not all of our involvement at school revolves around fundraising. We have also assisted the library by inventorying newly purchased books. At other times we have been asked to assist the children by helping apply makeup before their major performances. For this year’s annual Christmas Concert, the PTA arranged donations of snacks for our reception table. We are responsible for organizing and decorating the school for various holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, and Chinese New Year. During the school’s 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration, we organized a free paper-cutting booth and distributed free paper-cuts of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. This year’s International Day was a huge success due to the coordinated efforts of the PTA in organizing a wide variety of international breakfast treats and activities. We hope that this year will present itself as another opportunity for new parents to join and contribute to our XLIS’ extended community.

Voluntary Consultant Team

Voluntary Consultant Team 

Catherine Atwell 

                      Head of Special Projects and a History and Social Sciences Instructor at Marlborough School in Los Angeles


 Nancy Bjorklund 

                     Associate Director for Comprehensive Internationalization and Director for Fiscal and Personnel Services for 

                    the University of Montana's Global Engagement Office


Crissy Gayagas 

                      Owner of Gayagas Enterprises, LLC, in Hawaii

Charles Prince 

                      Executive Director for the Centre of Student Success at the University of East London

Jamie Lee 

                     Assistant Principal at Orange Glen High School in Escondido California, USA

Kai-Li Hwang 

                     Dean of Lower School at Marin Horizon School in Mill Valley, California

 Yongfei Zhao 

                     Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beijing Goldway International Education Consulting Company

Tadios Belay 

                     Executive Director of African Civil Rights Center

Raymundo Reyes

                     Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Phinma Education Network in The Philippines

Michael McAlister 

                     Principal of Northgate High School in Walnut Creek, California

Frank Gettridge 

                     Program Officer for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

 Nefertiti Makeda 

                      Founding Head and Owner of Andinet International School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

 William Pierros 

                      Assistant Professor of Political Science at Concordia University Chicago

Brittany Debity Barker 

                      Director of Student Leadership at Tennessee's Department of Education

Timothy Smith 

                      President and Chief Executive Officer of Learning Matters Educational Group

Wang He 

                     Dean of Shenzhen Vanke Meisha Academy

John Wilkerson 

                     Assistant Vice President for International Services

                     Director of International Admissions IUB and Regional Campuses

Enterprise and Sister Schools

Sister Schools

XLIS is Xi’an’s only state-owned, not-for-profit international school, which means all revenue goes towards making the school even better. To support the growth and development of each student, and to reinforce our commitment to the partnership between XLIS and global context, the school utilizes several platforms for the communication of student learning and student information. XLIS has developed educational cooperation and exchange relationship with the establishing of sister schools.

(1) The West Schools, Vancounver, Canada

(2) St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, Texas, America

(3) Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary school, Hong Kong