Creativity, Activity and Service with the DP2’s


Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) is a core component of the Diploma Program. Following Service as Action (SA) in the MYP, CAS is the next step in an IB learner’s journey. CAS builds on the fundamentals of the SA programme and adds two critical components – creativity and physical activity. By the time students reach DP, they are expected to initiate experiences on their own based on personal interests. Students not only donate their time to volunteer in the community and raise awareness for different causes that they are passionate about, but they also take part in projects that nurture their creative and active sides. After every CAS experience, students are asked to reflect on the learning outcomes they have achieved. These learning outcomes are aligned with the Service as Action learning outcomes to make the transition from MYP to DP seamless.


Strength & Growth

New Challenge & Skills

Initiative & Planning

Commitment & Perseverance

Collaborative Skills

Global Engagement

Ethics of Choices & Actions

What is CAS?

Creativity: experiencing art and culture

* These activities should have a definite goal or outcome and pose a personal challenge

* Examples:

o Learning a difficult music piece and performing it at a charity fundraiser

o Painting a mural for the school and involving all students to contribute in some way

Activity: engaging in an active lifestyle that promotes health and wellbeing (physical and mental)

* These activities should be MORE than what students already do on a regular basis

* Examples:

o Training for a marathon (or 5K, 10K run)

o Engaging in yoga or mindfulness sessions that nurture your wellbeing

Service: meaningful engagement with the community in an unpaid, voluntary position

* These activities should have learning benefits for students.

* With many local contacts in Xi’an, it should be easy to find plenty of meaningful service activities to take part in

* Examples:

o Volunteering with Little Fish on Saturday mornings – teaching English or Arts lessons

o Serving dinner at the Yellow River Soup Kitchen on a regular basis

By the end of the two-year programme, students are expected to document their experiences in each of the three strands of Creativity, Activity and Service, as well as meet at least each learning outcome once. With the rigorous academic nature of the DP, CAS is a great way to provide a balance by allowing students to express their passions and interests. The IB programme is all about allowing students to become well-rounded individuals with compassion and care for the world they live in, and there is no better way to see this through than in CAS.

DP2 students are in the final stretch and that means it is time to put their CAS Portfolios together. As all students have initiated their own personal CAS experiences, we have a wonderful variety of activities and projects to share with you.  Here is a showcase of what the DP2 students have been up to with an excerpt from their reflections.



A - Basketball ECA and Tournaments –  Adrikibo - Amatre Kamure

A  - Cuihua Mountain Hiking - Zhang Wei

A, S - Swimming – Reese Ready

A - Fitness Club – Wei Zi Tian

C – Art Gallery – Yang Hee Jung

C – Food and Recipe Blog – Seher Arif

C – Music conservatory performance – Wei Yi Bo

S, C – Hospital Performance – Cho Woo Sung

S, C – Elim Kids Toy Donation – Kim Miji

C – Economics Summer Camp – Ma Yuan Zhi

C- Cooking - Wang Rui Yao


Wei Yi Bo


Performance at the Xi’an Conservatory of Music

Though composing is not a new skill for me, this CAS project is the first time that I have brought my composition to real clarinetists and rehearsed with them. I decided to compose for a clarinet quintet and perform with my clarinet teacher, Mr. Li, in the Xi'an Conservatory of Music during their class concert. In this clarinet quintet, I used composing techniques such as chord progression, imitation and counterpoint. By using many new elements that I had never used before such as hemiola rhythm, I demonstrated the learning outcome of taking on new challenges and developing new skills.


Adrikibo - Amatre Kamure


Basketball ECA and Tournaments

I demonstrated commitment and perseverance in situations where I found the team or certain players losing confidence. For example, when teammates didn’t play well during a game, I would spend some parts of lunchtime or sometimes before practice working on their stance and post moves.


Zhang Wei


Cuihua Mountain Hiking

This was my first time go to hiking with friends and we hadn’t climbed a mountain for a long time, so this was a new challenge for all of us. We were really excited throughout the whole trip. We talked with each other, took pictures and walked a very long distance. There were some steep parts, and even stairs appeared to be 90 degrees.


Wei Zi Tian


Fitness Club

After the summer vacation, as all of the members in our fitness club came back to school, we discussed our progress and everybody felt that they have enhanced their strength and their abilities after exercising together for a few months. They all admitted that it was not an easy journey to stick to. Some thought about giving up, but eventually they continued on, demonstrating the learning outcome of perseverance.


Ma Yuan Zhi


Economics Summer Camp

This summer I attended the fourth annual Experimental Economics summer camp lead by the Center for Experimental Economics Education(CEEE) at Shaanxi normal university. This center is based on the Rural Education Action program (REAP) and it aims to find scientific solutions for social problems. This was really challenging because I was the only one that was not an undergraduate student. I felt this was a really great opportunity to practice necessary skills before entering university and it greatly challenged my communication skills. 


Kim Miji

Service, Creativity

Elim Kids – Designing and Donating Toys

Sharing is caring. We learned to give back to society from this experience. Every day in life, we receive so much from the world; yet, we don’t express our gratitude enough. This experience has allowed XLIS students to become a positive addition to the local community. We learned diverse new skills and how to apply these skills to create positive changes. However, all of these achievements would have been impossible without the belief in combined effort- collaboration. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all of the teachers and other team members for being so supportive and inspiring.


Reese Ready


Sensational Saturday Swimmers

At Sensational Saturday Swimming club, I have met new people, collaborated and have had the privilege to see how these students have improved. I have struggled with creating fun and new games to keep the students interested, but overcame this by asking for advice from swim volunteers who are experienced in the club. Over multiple lessons, I was happy with my performance in improving their stamina while correcting their swimming strokes from the difference I have seen in their ability.


Seher Arif


Food and Recipe Blog

To begin with, I think my experience of being in DP Visual Art helped me build on my sense of aesthetics. I also had many options on to make creative outlets and backgrounds. These factors helped me make the website look attractive. In the process of making a website as a beginner I faced a lot of challenges. At the initial stage, I was often held back by the layouts of other recipe websites and it took some time to think of a better layout. Afterwards, writing the steps of the recipes was time consuming. The instructions had to be simple to read, since my target audience is people who are not very confident with cooking. 


Yang Hee Jung


Art Gallery

Prior to creating this work, I was watching a documentary about Pablo Picasso. Deeply inspired by the video, I decided to imitate his style of portraying a person’s features in a distorted way. It was my first time trying out a totally different drawing style. In order to give it a unique style, I had to draw and erase several times. As a result, I came up with this artwork that, to some degree, resembles Picasso’s drawing. Additionally, I added more colors just to include my own feelings into it.


Cho Woo Sung

Service, Creativity

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an JIAOTONG University Performance

This C.A.S project is related to performing piano in a hospital. This C.A.S project is creativity and service action because I had practiced and prepared so many times for performance. In September of 2017, I knew that our school would provide musical therapy for patients by performing music in the hospital. Therefore, I joined that group with Jackie, Han, Chloe, Lucy, and Miji who were also interested in performing music for patients in order to offer them musical therapy. Whilst preparing for this performance, I discussed with Ms. Yeom who was a director for musical performances about  suitable piano pieces that can elicit a quiet and comfortable mood. From discussion with Ms. Yeom, I decided my piano piece, whose name is ‘River Flows in You.’  by Yiruma. At first, it was hard to play because of some technique that involved moving my hands quickly. However, whilst practicing hard and focussing, I was able to play that song as smoothly as I could and was able to press my emotion while I was playing that piece.

Actually, I had stage fright which made me scared about performing something in front of people. However, I was able to overcome this fright because of my friends who helped me to practice my performance in front of them and gave me feedback. This influenced me to improve more and release nervous feelings while playing piano in front of people.

After I finished the performance, there was a little mistake while I was performing. However, people who were there didn’t know that I had made a mistake during the performance. To prevent this happening next time, I’ll practice by having a rehearsal. Additionally, during this project, I could approach the communication and self-management skills because while I played piano, there was interaction between me and the patients. By listening to music, they could feel or imagine how I’m expressing my emotion about them during the performance. Additionally, I practiced that song daily and regularly. Therefore, it was possible to me to play that song on November 11th 2017 in the hospital. Moreover, I played this song to my classmates and family to prepare performing in the place where there were a large number of people. Thus, I approached those ATL skills and I felt glad and I was proud of myself because after I finished my song, everyone clapped for me and I saw their satisfied faces. If there will be performance music for patients in the future, obviously I will join that project again.


Wang Rui Yao



I was unfamiliar with cooking before, but I have cultivated the hobby throughout this CAS experience. I only focused on studying in the past, so I didn’t use any time to cook. When I learned how to cook, I think I’m pretty good, but I could never be a professional chef. I can make lots of basic things and they taste alright, but I’m far from an expert. I’d say it is pretty essential to make sure that you get the ingredients in the right quantities ,or the texture will be all wrong! I learned my lessons in a hard way. I think it’s a really important life skill that young people should have. Being able to cook allows you to live a healthy life without relying on junk food and other snacks.