The Second Liangjiatan International Education Forum Held Successfully

On April 20th, the second Liangjiatan International Education Forum was successfully held at Xi'an Liangjiatan International School.

Mr. Duan Xiaolong, secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and party secretary; Mr. Xu Yongsheng, deputy secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and chairman of the Provincial Youth Federation; Xi'an Foreign Affairs Office Party secretary Qiang Sheng;Mr.Xu Hui, deputy secretary of the Xi’an Committee of the Communist Youth League; Mr. Yang Niantian and Mr. Yang Hangzhou, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Xi’an High-tech Zone; Mr. Jia changshun, chairman of  Xi'an Gaoke Group Corporation; Conrad Hughes, campus and secondary principal at the International School of Geneva; Wu Xiaoli, school director of Shen Wai International School; John D`arcy, deputy director at the Western Academy of Beijing; Li Wenping, vice principal of Tsinghua International School; Ma Feng, high school principal of Shanghai High School International Division; Paul Wendler, principal of Xi'an International School; Lv Fei, secretary of the party general branch and vice president of Xi'an Foreign Languages School; Wang Shufen, head of Xi`an Gaoxin No.1 Middle School; Qing Qun, head of Xi`an Tie Yi High School, Wang Guoping, Director of Xi’an Bo-Ai International School;Li Zhen, general manager of Xi'an Kangqiao Education Group and other international school leaders as well as educational experts at home and abroad. More than 500 experts and representatives from various foreign-funded enterprises in Xi'an attended the forum.

The topic of this forum was "Xi`an as an international metropolis, along with the kind of inetrnational education that is needed in Xi`an”. Its purpose was to invite experienced researchers in international education from home and aboard as well as outstanding principals of international education to have an in-depth discussion  about the future of international education in Xi`an and provide reference for governmental policies.

The forum was divided into three parts, with the main forum related to “International School Governance" which included 13 sharing topics and two sub-forums including 16 workshop related to international education and meetings with admission officers from world-renowned universities. Based on international school planning by educational experts as well as governance experience sharing, famous United States school consulting services and the international education concept, the education-related news was shared with educators and government departments, and high school students from inside and outside XLIS.

During the guest speeches, Mr. Qiang Sheng, secretary of Xi'an Foreign Affairs Office Party, Shaanxi Province emphasized basic education focuses on the cultivation of good habits, as well as the development of an internationalized, open and healthy mindset. He was grateful to Xi'an Liangjiatan International School for the active preparation of this forum.

Mr. Yang Niantian, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Xi’an High-tech Zone congratulated the successful convening of the forum and called on everyone to make full use of the platform resources and actively explore diversified cooperation programs with innovative cooperative thinking to provide decision-making for government departments and schools, as well as provide educational support services for the attraction and retention of foreign talent in Xi'an.


Wang Liqiong, deputy director of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Xi'an Municipal Education Bureau and secretary of the Youth League Committee, said that the development of international education and the creation of a cultural environment can lay the foundation for Xi'an international cooperation in the fields of economics, technology and culture as well as provide talent support. Therefore, Xi'an stands on the strategic level of boosting the construction of an internationalized metropolis in Xi'an. In the future, we must make full use of international resources and expand the scale of international education through “bringing in and going out”.

During the keynote speeches, Dr. Conrad Hughes, the world's first international school and Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva, shared the seven competences for the 21st century.

Lv Fei, secretary of the Party General Branch and vice president of Xi'an Foreign Language School said at the forum that the globalization pattern not only demands the hard power of economy and technology, but also brings challenges for the soft power of cultural education.

Lily Liu, head of Xi'an Liangjiatan International School gave a speech entitled "Philosophy of 3T (Technology, Talent and Tolerance): Create More Possibilities for Education". Shaanxi Province has proposed to accelerate the development of the hub economy, the portal economy, and the mobile economy. As the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi'an is rapidly developing into a national central city. The only and best way to build a smart city is to create a school that attracts and nurtures talent. In the past 30 years, a number of international schools with the concept of cultivating international talent have emerged in China. These fast-growing international schools also reflect the regional internationalization process and economic development.

Our school and eight international schools at home and abroad became sister schools during the forum and were committed to promoting friendly exchanges and cooperation between teachers, students and schools.

In the afternoon, the subforum of sixteen parallel workshops, with nearly twenty speakers from inside and outside the school led workshops with titles such as, "How Can Education Reduce Prejudice ", "From Cultural Understanding to Interconnectedness", "Literacy in the Early Years", "Childhood Bilingualism and Multilingualism ", "Creative and Innovative Learning", "Demonstrated Interest and Big Data in Post-ED Era", Other topics included cultural integration, early childhood-child-adolescent growth education, and on-site participation. Experience sharing and activities were conducted throughout all of the workshops.

Lily Liu, Head of Xi`an Liangjiatan International School said that we would like to thank our peers and the community for their active participation in this forum and their continued attention to international education. This forum demonstrates the recognition of the pursuit of lifelong learning and marks the liberation of global thinking. With the goal of building a model international school in Xi'an, Xi'an Liangjiatan International School will continue to adhere to student-centered, community-driven and international education through innovation.