XLIS Musical Gala and Summer Fair 

This past Saturday June 1st, 2019, as we celebrated the “International Day of Children”, our students not only displayed their beautiful visual arts creations in our arts exhibit, but also took the Blue Dragon Theatre’s stage by storm with their musical gala “Children Rise up!”.

Morning Kick-off!

The day began with quite a bit of action, where kids and parents were presented with a multitude of fun choices to participate in. There were events and activities meant for all ages to participate in and enjoy. The ECE and PYP1 teachers prepared a wonderful face painting stand, which saw many students and adults getting their faces decorated in beautiful colors. They became everything from beautiful fairies, tigers, spider-men and much more.

The playground was open to all youngsters, along with soccer on the field with parents and children engaging in exciting pick-up games of football.  There were chill fans set up around the field for students and parents to cool off and beat the heat. In addition, there were plenty of fun activities inside for students and parents to partake in. A Jr. NBA skills challenge took place in the main gym where parents and student honed their basketball skills.  The hallways were also full of events with table tennis, running and biking arcade games in which kids enjoyed and challenged themselves against adults. The second-floor gym saw participants engaging in an enthusiastic game of dodgeball. 

Culture Shock: Workshop and Informative Speech

As a place of learning, XLIS is always keen on providing students, teachers and parents alike with opportunities that promote the exchange of knowledge. Mr. Alex Rambaud (Vice-Principal) along with Mr. BenjaminWright (Head of the Student Center) welcomed a sizeable group of parents to join a workshop designed to explore the challenges of “culture shock”; a common social ailment for expatriate families.

Mr. Rambaud opened the session by sharing his own childhood experiences as a “Third Culture Child”. He had to relocate and reside in over 10 countries from a very young age. He went on to list some of the challenges one encounters in relocating to other countries and listed the benefits which outweigh the difficulties of residing in such a large number of countries.

Mr. Wright took over by guiding parents through the different stages of culture shock and provided advice on how to combat some of the difficulties of this common process, thus providing parents with positive and useful research-based information.

Visual Arts Exhibition

The June 1st Summer Gala presented an opportunity for all visitors to XLIS to celebrate the visual and performing arts. Students in the PYP and MYP programs selected an artwork that they felt best exemplified their learning and creative expression in their units of inquiry. Under the guidance of visual art teachers Jasmine Zhang (EC-P2), Melissa Enderle (P3-P6), Shreya Sethi (MYP) and Bella Fung (MYP), students have been exposed to artists from many cultures, styles, and genres. Using a variety of techniques and art materials, students demonstrated their understanding of the stand-alone, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary unit. Visitors of the well-attended event complimented the art show for its beautiful display of individualistic and collaborative artworks. The Van Gogh-inspired murals and clay James de Rosso-inspired monsters were particular favorites. Come visit our school’s online art gallery Artsonia to see more XLIS artwork!


Musical Gala: Children, Rise-up!

The theme of the musical gala this year “Rise Up Children” conveyed that even if you are smaller or just a child, by setting your mind to it, you can achieve anything you want. One of the most frustrating things for children growing up is the feeling that they have no control over their own lives and that they cannot determine things for themselves.

All the musical songs and scenes that were performed based on Matilda, Les Miserables, Sound of Music, and Mulan explored the concept of revolution and fighting against injustice. This is also one of our goals here at XLIS: supporting student agency and giving students a voice and the freedom to choose what they are interested in learning.

Furthermore, this project was also meant to cultivate a strong community within the school. Various members of the school’s community also provided their kind support to ensure the success of this musical gala. Students, teachers, staff members and parents played key roles in this event. During the preparation phase, we met twice a week and worked in rotating small groups to rehearse for the event. These rehearsals included dance, drama and singing. A critical element in this particular organizational process is “social cohesion.” By engaging in meaningful and rewarding educational experiences and by meeting other members of our broader community, we are building lasting friendships and promoting a deeper interest in the performing arts.

This event concluded with a delicious international food tasting buffet which was provided by our dedicated parents and sponsors. We thank our Korean parents for their delicious home-made treats, the Gran Melia Hotel for their incredible Spanish “Paella” and “Bocatas”, our friends from Alliance Francaise and their tasty “crepes”, Tian Cai Liang for their traditional Shaanxi dishes, and our very own ADEN for their amazing pastries and mouth-watering bites!

Finally, we thank our parent community for their support and unwavering trust in XLIS and look forward to a bright and fruitful 2019-2020 Academic Year.