XLIS International Exchange Program  Officially Launched

XLIS Hosts Exchange Group from EIS (Exupery International School )in Latvia

In response to the national call for“One Belt, One Road”, Xi’an Liangjiatan International School officially launched the “International Exchange Program” in 2019 to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between our school and other international schools, especially those countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. The “International Exchange Program” promotes intercollegiate cooperation, cultural communication and academic exchanges through teacher workshops, classroom lectures, interactive activities inside and outside the school, family life experiences, and visiting of historical sites.

International schools interested in conducting exchange programs are welcome to contact us.


Benjamin Wright  (benjamin.wright@xalis.com)

Sunny Jia (sunny.jia@xalis.com)

Our school was very lucky to host our first group of exchange students in June 2019. The visitors included primary and middle school principal, Ms. Julie O’Donohue, sports teacher and afterschool activity coordinator Mr. Stanislav Judkins and 9 of their middle school students.

Whilst they were here, they experienced a variety of activities both inside and outside of school. They observed our secondary school presentations on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, then participated in making dragons out of recyclable materials as part of a P6 and M1 bonding activity. 

The students followed their XLIS buddies to class so that they could experience an immersive and interactive perspective on the daily class life on a middle school XLIS student. This day also saw a celebration of kindness, where all staff and students wore pink T-shirts, and the secondary department participated in a student led assembly in the afternoon.

Our visitors partook in a cultural experience around the city. In the morning, they visited the ancient and culturally rich Terracotta Warriors, then had a tour of the city walls in the afternoon. This day trip helped the exchange visitors to gain a cultural and the visiting of historical context within which to frame the entirety of their visit.

XLIS organized a sporting event for cognitively and physically challenged children and adults, which enabled the children and chaperones to engage in a service as action activity, which is an important part of the MYP programme. The visiting students, along with their buddies helped to cheer on the competitors and made sure that they were well hydrated.

Josh and Jenny Harrison, and XLIS created and designed a beautiful day for the special needs children of Xi’an. While XLIS hosted this fun run where over 80 special needs students and escorts raced around XLIS’ new track, equipped with cooling fans, water stations and cheering stations throughout. The participants and volunteers all ran for one hour around the track while being cheered on by XLIS students and our EIS exchange students from Latvia. The exchange students were thrilled to participate in the culturally rich experience. After the race finished everyone went inside for an awards ceremony in the main gym. Runners received medals that were donated by XLIS.  Smiles abounded throughout the event. After the awards ceremony everyone went to the cafeteria for a meal prepared by XLIS. This sent everyone home with warm hearts and full bellies. XLIS looks forward to being the centre of events for the needy of Xi’an and providing service for all communities in Xi’an.

 Being a host for exchange students is a huge responsibility and undertaking which XLIS was proud to undertake. XLIS hosted students from EIS in Latvia. This meant that activities and cultural events had to be planned for even those times outside school. This XLIS community and stakeholders came together to manage this task. XLIS families volunteered to take these EIS students into their homes and show them not only what XLIS family culture is all about, but also what a Chinese home cooked meal and family atmosphere feels like. These families’ kindness and commitment to the XLIS community allowed us to offer these students a once in a lifetime opportunity. The chaperone from Latvia Stanislav Judkins said, “…, Thank you for helping with that activity, kids just had a blast and an unforgettable experience. Everyone is happy and excited.”

From XLIS Student's Parent

“ My family hosted two female students from EIS and this is one of our school’s communication activities. The meals I prepared today are all favored by children in my family, and I also want my guests to try them: curry with rice, braised pork, salmon cappuccio, whole wheat bread with cranberry and walnut meat, sweet corn & sticky corn, and banana cake. We played table tennis in our community, played board games and chatted. I didn’t take them to any tourist attractions, but all of them looked excited and had fun while playing. It makes me feel their sense of happiness! I Hope their time at Xi’an could leave wonderful memory to them.”

-XLIS MYP5 Natsumi Ishikawa`s mother

Finally, on the last day of the trip the students had an opportunity to relax and reflect on the week’s inquiry and activities. In the morning, they participated in some sporting activities, then they were sent off in style with a BBQ in the afternoon.

From EIS Students

At XLIS we had a lot of friends, interesting lessons, cool teachers and so many activities. Thanks for all! 

– Vitalina Vydmidska

XLIS is a really big and modern school. There are really cool students and teachers.

– Vova Nos

In XLIS, dreams come true. Students can build their own future and explore and imagine together. All students are working as a team, so they can do everything – Margo Igoshina.

– Margo Igoshina

Our head of school,  Dr. Lily Liu said that the exchange student program is one of the key tasks of our school within the last five years, and is a window for exchange and cooperation of our school. We hope that this exchange visit can be used as a framework for future collaboration with EIS, as well as other fellow international schools.At the same time, it also provides an opportunity to further enrich the multicultural experience of our students, improve their academic level and open up international horizons.

In the future, our school will continue to promote the “International Exchange Program”. International teachers and students from all over the world are welcome to our school to exchange and appreciate Chinese culture and the IB Curriculum. At the same time, our school will organize our students to travel to international schools around the world to conduct two-way exchanges, learn from each other and partake in educational developmemt and cultural experiences in order to cultivate global citizens.