Summer Reading List Recommendations from the XLIS Library

XLIS Long Qian Library

Xi'an Liangjiatan International School Library is also know as the "Long Qian Library", which means "hidden dragons in the deep". The library is a place to encourage students to devote themselves to study. Thanks to the support of Xi'an High-tech Zone and WASC(Western Association of Schools and Colleges)for language courses and XLIS library construction, we have added library collections and realized the implementation of differentiated language courses. The school will also build a graded reading system for Chinese, English and Korean, as well as comprehensively improving the multilingual ability of international students.
At our new campus, the students have access to a spacious and inviting library that is centrally located with plenty of natural light. It is spread over 2 floors and is designed to meet the needs of both younger and older students.

On the first floor are the primary and middle school resources and on the second floor are the secondary resources. We have 3 study rooms for students and staff to use for quiet study. We also have 15 Mac desktop computers for students to do their research on.

Primary students have library class once a week. They can select 2 books to read for a week. Books can be reissued if needed. During the library period, besides issuing books, students are taught how to take care of books, about the parts of a book, differences between fiction and non-fiction books, different genres of fiction, listening skills through read aloud sessions, research skills, academic honesty and citation methods, among other things.

Middle school and secondary students can come to the library whenever they are free or need to use the library facilities to study, research or issue books. They are taught about academic honesty and citation methods, and the librarian is available throughout the day to recommend books, support and guide them. The library is open from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, as well as during lunch and break. Students can change their books anytime during the day.

The resources at the library consist of books in English as well as Chinese and Korean, periodicals, a daily English newspaper, and online databases. Besides mother tongue books, to support teaching of the curriculum, the librarian collaborates with home room teachers to add resources related to the Units of Inquiry.

Students have access to databases that the school subscribes to. Questia School is an online digital library with thousands of books, magazines, newspapers and journal articles. It is specifically for the use of Secondary students. All MYP and DP students have a username and password and can access the database from home and school. 

We also subscribe to Britannica School, an information resource for Elementary, Middle, and High school students, that has encyclopedia articles, multimedia and other learning resources that support student research. Along with this, we have Britannica ImageQuest which provides access to millions of high quality and trustworthy images for teachers and students. Both these can be accessed by students and staff in school, and Britannica School can be accessed from home as well, by using the following link(No user name or password is required.):

It is our constant endeavor at XLIS, to promote good reading habits. 

Head of Library Book Recommendations

Reena Khanna  Head of Library

Reena Khanna, India. XLIS Whole School Librarian. Master's of Library and Information Science. Over 14 years experience in both Primary and Secondary school libraries.
Reading has many benefits and to help you promote this habit at home, we would like to suggest some books. You can also check the Newbery Awards winners, Caldecott medal winners, The CILIP Carnegie Medal for younger students and the National Book Award in Young People’s Literature, Costa Books Awards, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Man Booker Prize for older students.

For Lower Primary Students

For Upper Primary Students


For Middle and Secondary

To Kill a Mockingbird 

Chinese Book Recommendations

Emma Yang

Head of Chinese Department

Emma Yang, Master's of Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition, Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Head of the Chinese Department of XLIS. She has six years of teaching experience in IB International Schools.    

For Primary School Students    


For Middle School Students

 For High School Students

Korean Book Recommendations

Susan Kim MYP & DP Korean Literature Teacher

a candidate for a master's degree at St. John's University in York, UK. XLIS MYP & DP Korean Literature Teacher,She has 25 years of educational work experience.          

For Primary School Students


 For Middle School  Students

 For High School Students