XLIS Welcomes New Members for 2019-2020


Luna Cao 

Head of Brand Development  

Administrative Leadership EdD Candidate at Concordia University

If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow.

- John Dewey

Teacher quality is the most important in-school factor related to students’ academic success. More importantly, good teachers inspire our students learning motivation by facilitating better teaching resources and wider access to see a bigger world. 

To establish a diversified teaching team with strong academic research ability is XLIS’ continual human resource goal

At XLIS, we will have 135 teachers and staff coming from 20 countries for the 2019-2020 academic year. 63 foreign experts are all global-hired, IB qualified teachers. 72 local hired teachers all come from an international education or working background and are highly qualified in international education and bilingual communication. Foreign experts and local teachers work closely and are very supportive of each other. Over all, among XLIS teachers and staff, we have 74 master degrees and 8 doctor degrees and doctoral candidates. 

A strategic and strict recruitment procedure is the first step

XLIS has strict teacher recruitment procedure and standard. We are partners of the world’s biggest international teacher job platforms such as Search Associates, Teach Anywhere, Byron Recruitment, Fesco.Adescco, and Shanghai Foreign service(Shaanxi) Human Resources Service. Every year, the XLIS management team will go to international job fairs in Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Melbourne, or London to interview the best teachers in the world. Nowadays, international job fairs are extremely competitive. With the development and increased number of newly built international schools all over the world, good international teachers are never enough. For example, according to the Search Associate job fair data in 2018-2019, A total of 121 schools registered in the job fair in London this January with 880 job vacancies, but only 408 candidates signed up for it. 33 schools registered at the job fair in Dubai with 243 job vacancies this February, and 159 candidates attended. In Thailand, 20 schools attended the job fair with 151 job vacancies, and 60 candidates went for interview this March. 


XLIS not only represents the school but also Xi’an city to recruit these talented expatriate teachers to work and live here. 

XLIS 2019-2020 Academic Year New Teachers

This year, we will welcome 13 new expatriate teachers to join the XLIS community. 


Krista Sifton

P1A Lead Teacher 

Krista is from Canada. She is a trained teacher with over 16 years experience in Canada and 3 years international experience in China. She holds her Master’s degree from the University of Prince Edward Island in Educational Leadership and Learning in Inclusive Education and bachelor degree of Education In Early Years from University of New Brunswick. She was a School wide Literacy Leader and School-wide English Language Learner Coordinator.


Natalia Shcherbak

P1B Lead TeacherNatalia is from Ukraine. She is a certified and holds her Ph.D. degree in education from Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. She is a highly experienced teacher of over 25 years and worked as a director of assistant professor, senior lecturer and Study & English teacher. She has taught at preschool, junior school, college and university levels and instructed a variety of courses in the areas of social work and pedagogy. 


Marly Song

P2B Lead Teacher

Marly is from Canada. She is a Canadian trained teacher with 14 years of experience in an international setting. She holds her Master's degree in Educational Research with a Specialization in Language and Literacy from the University of Calgary and Bachelor degree of General studies with a minor in international and global education from Simon Fraser University. She was a Head teacher and a member of school Educational Systems AdvancEd Continuous Improvement Team and steering committee before.


Cecilia Bostock

P3A Lead Teacher

Cecilia is from New Zealand, she holds a bachelor’s degree in education from University of Waikato, New Zealand. She has been working in the education field since 2003, and worked as a teacher since 2011.   She has taught in New Zealand and Cairo, Egypt. 


Chad Boudreau

P3B Lead Teacher

Chad is from Canada, he holds a Master’s degree in international education from Framingham State University and Bachelor's degree in Physical education from Brock University. He also holds a teaching license for Washington, D.C, USA. Certification. Before coming to Xi'an, he worked in Korea international school, public school and private academies for nearly 9 years and continually refined his teaching methods.  


Eric Puchalski

P3C Lead Teacher

Eric is from USA and holds a Bachelor's degree from the State University of New York at Geneseo in Elementary Education. He also holds a New York State Teaching Certification in Childhood. He started his international teaching career in 2008 and is looking forward to his new career adventure at XLIS. 


Joshua Lanthier

P5B Lead Teacher

Joshua is from Canada, he holds a dual Bachelor’s degree from Trent University in Education and Carleton University in Arts. He is also a licensed teacher in Canada and has 4 years full-time primary teaching experience. He is an incredibly passionate teacher and strives to create real, dynamic, experiential inquiry-based lessons that have students as the driving force to the lesson.


Rebecca Arden

Primary Performing Art Teacher

Rebecca is from the USA. She is a certificated teacher who holds her Master’s degree from the University of North Texas in Music and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in Music performance in Harp. She has 5 years teaching experience and is also a member of Arizona Orff Association and National Association for Music Education. 


Joey Fordyce

Head of EAL / MYP English Language Acquisition Teacher

Joey is from the USA. She is a certificated teacher with Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from Hellenic American University and Bachelor's degree in Communication from Arizona State University.  She has worked in the USA, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, and Hungary. She has rich ESL teaching experience and has most recently been working in the US as both a teacher and a teacher trainer focusing on best practices of working with foreign students and advocating for English Language Learners (ELLs).


Balvinder Singh

MYP/DP Mathematics Teacher

Balvinder is from India. He has dual Master’s degrees, including a Master’s in Education Management from Vinayaka Missions University and a Master’s of Mathematics from Agra University. He is a highly experienced math teacher and has more than 23 years teaching experience. He has worked in IB school for 13 years and has rich experience in IB CAS and S&A. 


Beena Sarada

MYP Science and DP Biology Teacher

Beena is from India. She received her Master of Science in Botany and Bachelor’s of Science in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry from the University of Kerala. She has 15 years of solid teaching experience in multicultural International Schools and 7 year IB school. She has been a Head of a large Science department and also supervised IB CAS activities.


Scott Ramon

MYP/DP Visual Arts Teacher

Scott is from the USA. He received his Master’s degree in Printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute and Bachelor’s degree in Printmaking & Video from Herron School of Art & Design. He has over 20 years rich experienced in education including vice president of Enrollment Management and Marketing in Kansas City Art Institute, Director of Student Recruitment, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions in School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has taught studio art to university students, middle school and high school students at SAIC. 


Laura Stanley

Whole School Counselor

Laura is from the USA. She has a dual Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Lewis & Clark Graduates School of Education & Counseling and also Intercultural Youth & Family Development from the University of Montana. She is a National Certified Counselor(NCC) in the USA and has extensive experience in school counseling work. Most recently she completed a Collaborative Problem Solving training which is an evidence-based approach to helping children and adolescents with behavioral challenges.

XLIS has the most strict and professional procedure

Usually, before expatriate teachers land in Xi’an and begin teaching, there are 11 steps in the recruitment checklist. 


Profile Review

The HR department of XLIS reviews the profile of the teacher candidates on recruitment platforms to check their qualifications, background, and previous working feedback. 



The academic principal, coordinator, and head of HR interview the suitable teacher candidate, and for important positions the head of school will conduct a second interview. The interview focuses on the candidates’ competency of child protection, teaching perspective and skills, and previous teaching experiences. 


Reference Check 

XLIS will call or write emails to at least three supervisors of the candidates for reference check.


Police Clearance 

The teacher candidates request police clearance in the home country or the nation where he or she has stayed.



The teacher candidates send highest degree and police clearance for authentication in overseas Chinese Embassy or Consulate. 


First Physical Exam

The teacher candidates complete a physical exam required by Chinese Embassy.


Xi’an Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau Review 

Xi’an Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau review the teacher candidates’ passport, authenticated highest degree, authenticated police clearance, teaching license, proof of over two years’ teaching experience, physical exam result, and approves the teacher candidates’ application for Notification Letter for Foreigners Working in China. 


Work Visa

The teacher candidates apply for Chinese work visa at the oversears Chinese Embassy or Consulate.


Second Physical Exam

Upon teacher candidates entering China, they need to take a second physical exam at Xi’an Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. 


Chinese Work Permit 

Xi’an Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau reviews the physical exam result and issues Chinese work permit. 


Chinese Residence Permit 

The Division of Exit & Entry Administration of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau checks the teacher candidates’ background and issues Chinese residence permit.

Staff Relocation and Professional development

At XLIS, we value every community member and care for their everyday life and professional growth. For all expatriate teachers, we provide our teaching staff a globally competitive salary, free children education, global family insurance, housing, 24 hours life assistant, free working lunch, childcare service and shuttle buses. All staff are provided their professional development budget and opportunities to go outside campus to learn. Life long learning is not just a phrase we TELL our students, but also the belief we want to MODEL to our students

Education is not preparation for life;education is life itself.


- John Dewey 

 XLIS also invites international educational trainers to the city three times a year to give whole staff training. 

 →  XLIS’s all faculty completed the professional development 西安梁家滩国际学校教职员工开展专业发展培训

→  2018 XLIS Orientation 2018年新员工培训

The Third PD for XLIS Staff in the 2018-19 School Year 西安梁家滩国际学校2018-2019学年第三次全体教职工专业培训