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Relocation Service by XLIS

Considering the language barrier and culture differences, XLIS offers flight pick-up, apartment hunting and cleaning, shopping to IKEA and METRO, bank account opening, trips to Terra Cotta Warriors and Muslim Quarters and etc. There are a variety of things XLIS does to assist our new foreign staff with a smooth transition to the life in Xi’an. Additionally, a foreign teacher assistant is employed by our school to help all of our foreign teachers with external matters.

Visa Service

Staff members in our HR department help to guide new teachers in the visa process by explaining the Chinese visa policies and providing continuous support until the teachers’ arrival. We also assist new staff with applying for the Chinese work permit and residence permit for all our teachers after their arrival in China, to ensure their legal work and stay in China. 

Airport Pick-up 

Upon a new teacher’ arrival at Xianyang International Airport, two XLIS leadership team members will welcome the new teachers at the airport and take you with all the luggage to your apartment by a van.

Apartment Set up

Before new foreign teachers come, a nice apartment will be rented based on the teacher’s requirements and cleaned for their comfortable living. The school also prepares a number of items in the new apartments, including fresh food, fruit and drinks, beddings, pillows, towels, as well as basic kitchenware. Within 24 hours after new teachers’ arrival, they are provided with a Chinese sim card and access to internet service. The instruction about how to pay the water and electricity bills will also be given at the early arrival dates of the teachers.


Medical Examination and Bank Card

After new teachers arrive in Xi’an, the XLIS nurse will take them for a medical examination in the Inspection and Quarantine Center of Shaanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine. The breakfast and transportation will be arranged. The finance department of XLIS takes care of the bank card


Shopping at IKEA and METRO

The school also arranges a one-day trip for all the new teachers to IKEA and METRO upon their arrival. This will ensure you that you have the kitchen and food items needed for the first few days.


Orientation Training

In the orientation training, the new teachers have the chance to learn about the school’s policies, mission and vision. They will also have the chance to connect with the returning teachers to have the sense of community at the school by a variety of fun group activities.


Trips to Terra Cotta Warriors and Muslim Quarter

Xi'an, one of the oldest cities in the world with vivid and rich history and culture, enjoys a wealth of historical sites and relics to visit and is a great place to discover Chinese history. It is our school’s tradition to take all of our teachers visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and Muslim Quarter to be amazed by the Chinese culture. Additionally, new staff will get to know the local culture and enjoy the food. It is our hope that all the new teachers find Xi’an a fascinating place to live and work.


Foreign Life Assistant

The school hires a specialized foreign life assistant to assist our new teachers with external matters in Xi’an. Your foreign life assistant will help you with all the emergencies and life matters small or big.


Child Care Service

XLIS provides child care service for our staff every afternoon from Monday to Friday. There are activities ranging from reading, topic discussions, collaboration skills working and mandarin class.


Chinese Program for Foreign Staff

The Chinese Department of XLIS provides authentic Chinese classes to foreign teachers on Chinese listening and speaking to facilitate their living in China. These classes also provide a glimpse of the fantastic Chinese culture.


Adrian Webster, Australian, P5A Lead Teacher

Our HR department ensures the seamless transition to working in China providing services such as handling visas, working permits and residence leases.

The staff members of HR department ensures the basically daily essential services once entering China such as obtaining a local SIM card, connecting home internet, connecting utilities (gas, electricity) to your residence as well as organizing leasing contracts. They are also at hand to acclimatize to the culture and life in Xi’an China, through organizing trips from door to door to places such as the Terracotta Warriors, IKEA for home and METRO for imported groceries and assorted living needs.



Jasper Mehagnoul, Netherlands, Primary Physical Education Teacher

The HR officer responsible for visa work has provided tremendous help with giving clear instructions and guiding us every step of the way in our visa process. In addition, choosing an apartment was also very easy as we were given clear and informative options.


The airport pick-up and the settle in was smooth pleasant, and quick. We were wired with the internet and the sim card straight after the arrival which helped u,s to communicate with the school, co-workers and the local community. Shopping at METRO and IKEA helped us to make our apartment cozy and home-like. Overall, the communication was clear, responses were fast and we felt welcome from the first contact.



Martha Alejandra Romero Flores De Eaton,Honduras, P2C TA

My husband and I could not have been more pleased with the XLIS relocation team.  During our move from the United States they were professional, patient, and always available. They answered every question we had and cared for every detail. They took care of the practical things such as internet, phones, shopping trips, but also allowed us some leisure time by taking us to see the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Muslim Quarter here in Xian. We will always be grateful to the team for making a difficult transition so easy and enjoyable.

Culture Connection

The Chinese Programme

XLIS is a caring community where diversity is not just tolerated but is embraced. We welcome all excellent educators from around the world to join this big family. To support the life of foreign staff in Xi’an, XLIS Chinese staff are volunteered to lead the “Survival Chinese Class” every Monday after school. The topics will be authentic and practical, for example, how to order a Didi. We hope you all have fun in the class and enjoy the journey of leaning Chinese language. Looking forward to your coming!

                                                                                     The Chinese Department (Click the link for more information)


Xi’an Liangjiatan International Choir is a diverse community group choir formed as one voice in one city for one common goal, Unity, in a fast-growing city of Xi’an to strengthen the people and its economy. Its mission is to foster appreciation of the choral arts in collaboration with various organizations, and outreach to the under-served in the community. It represents the foundation of collaboration and passion for music.

The founder Ms. Lily Liu organized this amazing community group choir, along with her aim to foster internationally minded students in a global context, in order to build the Xi’an Liangjiatan international community. XLIC would not be great without the master conductor Mr. Pyounggang Kim, with his passion for musical excellence, he is also dedicated to inspiring and aspiring musicians. One of his dreams is to develop XLIC to have more varied performances and to expand its horizons to have the opportunity to perform inside and outside of Xi’an. (Click the link for more information)