School Bus


You are welcome to take the XLIS school bus. From the beginning, XLIS always consider the school bus safety as the priority. The bus routes are divided into three sections: Qu Jiang, Gao Xin and Chang An, with a total of 15 routes/buses, and each of the route has been designed to meet the needs of every student. Each school bus is equipped with perfect equipment, as well as teachers on board to ensure the safety of students.

If your child has the requirement of the school bus, or you have any comments or suggestions (including the route stops, transportation fee, etc.), please contact the XLIS Parent Relations Department (E-mail address:

Click the links for more information.

/Uploads/201903/5c7dfe6e2cbd6.pdf (Chang’an No.7 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c81be1827798.pdf (Chang’an No.8 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7dff5756820.pdf (Chang’an No.9 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7dff6864048.pdf (Chang’an No.10 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7dff7ea9634.pdf (Chang’an No.11 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c81be5095e26.pdf (Gaoxin No.1 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7dffa58c3c5.pdf (Gaoxin No.2 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c81be7140a0c.pdf (Gaoxin No.3 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7dffd01cd2b.pdf (Gaoxin No.12 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7dffe2797ca.pdf (Gaoxin No.13 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7dfff59b7df.pdf (Qujiang No.4 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7e000970d71.pdf (Qujiang No.5 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7e0018b800f.pdf (Qujiang No.6 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7e002a458ce.pdf (Qujiang No.14 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7e003e1bf55.pdf (Qujiang No.15 School Bus)

/Uploads/201903/5c7e0054b4813.pdf (Qujiang No.16 School Bus)

Shuttle Bus

In order to facilitate staff commute and ensure everyone’s personal safety on the way to and from work, XLIS currently runs five shuttle buses with two lines, which are:

Line 1: GaoXin HuaFu, Second Phase (HaiLiang XinYingLi)­—ZhuYuan YangGuang JiaYuan—Long March International Hotel—Sunshine Paradise—XLIS

Line 2: East Gate of Greenwich, First Phase—East Gate of E Block in Tianyuan Dushi—South Gate of K Block in Ziwei Tianyuan—Sunshine Paradise—XLIS

The departure time for the two routes:

Moring departure time: 6:00 AM and 7 AM.

Afternoon departure time: 4:10 PM/4:40 if you have ECA, 5:10 PM and 6:00 PM in winter/6:30 PM in summer.

If you have questions regarding the shuttle bus, please feel free to contact Resource Department (email address: