XLIS Upcoming Events in December

01 Dec 15th 2018 HIV Prevention Benefit Concert


Time: 19:30PM-20:30PM

Location: XLIS Blue Dragon Theatre

Together Forever— 2018 HIV Prevention Benefit Concert for children with AIDS and special needs in Shaanxi. The Shaanxi Youth Federation Choir & Xi'an Liangjiatan International Choir will perform.

02 Dec 13th Last Day of ECAs

This marks the last day of ECAs for the 1st semester of this year. ECAs will begin again in the Spring semester.

03 Dec 21st Last Day of School

This will be the last day of school before we break up for the Christmas holiday. The first day back at school will be Monday, January 7th.

Primary School December Events

01 Dec 7th Mandarin Assembly

This assembly will be held at the Blue Dragon Theatre. Mandarin teachers and students from a variety of classes will give presentations highlighting what students have been learning in Mandarin class.

02 Dec 7th Christmas Fair

Primary 1 classes have organized a Christmas fair relating to their unit of inquiry on ‘Celebrations and Traditions’. Parents will be assisting set up booths, there will be a unit of inquiry presentation and children from the Little Fish Orphanage have also been invited.

03 Dec 15th Christmas Concert 


 ‘Together We Go’-The concert will run from 10:30AM to 11:40AM

04 Dec 21st Primary 4A Assembly

P4A students will give a presentation to highlight what they have been learning in class to their parents and families.

Secondary School December Events 

01 Dec 15th Christmas Concert 

‘Together We Go’- The Secondary Concert will run from 2:00PM to 3:30PM.