XLIS Secondary Gratitude Assembly

Over the past several weeks, the secondary student council have been working to plan an assembly to express gratitude to members of the school community. There are many hard-working people who have a collective impact on the success of the school but often remain nameless.

The whole secondary gathered together to express thanks to people that make the school work: the cleaner, food services, cooks, security guards, IT team, maintenance staff, resources staff, admissions, ect.  The students also took the opportunity to thank all of the teachers that support their learning every day. 235 flowers and personalized student-made cards were handed out. It was a great celebration and reminder of the interconnectedness of this school community.

At the start of the assembly, students were reminded how fortunate they are to study and work in this beautiful school and to have caring families that support their journey. They were reminded that there are students who don't have the good fortune to go to school and those that cannot afford shoes to wear to school. This connects to the United Nations Sustainable Goal #4, Quality Education, which many students have researched throughout the year. 

The assembly was about recognition and gratitude. In schools, we are not just responsible for educating a child's mind but also the child's heart. We believe that the education of a child's heart is of paramount importance. At XLIS, we want to educate responsible, caring and gracious citizens.


Secondary Student Council 

This year the student council has thrived on helping the school. We have been focusing on kindness, English, fundraising, homework and assessments. While selling candy grams at Christmas, we raised a lot of money, and gave it to agape, a local organic farm in Xian. We created a survey about English and are continuing along our path from last year, to promote kindness in our school. We have developed a homework policy, and a calendar for assessments, so students are less stressed and are more organized. At the beginning of the year we also turned our meeting room into the Student Life Room, a hang-out space that students can go to at lunch time. The student council has grown so much, in number, skill, and experience. We are not only a group of people trying to make the school a better place, but we have also become an amazing group of friends, and our experiences and memories will last the rest of our lives.