XLIS Upcoming Events in May and June

XLIS Upcoming Events in May

Whole School May Events

May 23rd -2:45pm - 4:30pm - XLIS Workshop&Admissions Open Day

Our Head of Student Centre, Mr. Benjamin Wright will be leading a workshop on 'Creating an English Environment at Home'. After this our Principals will give brief introductions to the school, followed by an opportunity to take a tour of the school during our ECA activity period.

The maximum capacity is 100 people.

June 1st8:30am-12:00am - Summer Musical Gala & Fair

Detailed information coming soon.

Primary School May Events

01 - May 17th  - Student-led Conferences

Student-led conferences are one of a number of ways we keep parents informed of learning at XLIS. On this day each student is given a time slot to come to school with their parents, to show them the learning that has been taking place. You can expect to be brought on a journey by your child where you will learn from them about their school life.

02 - May 21st - 4:30pm - 5:45 - Welcome to MYP Night

Welcome to MYP Night (for PYP 6 students and parents) 

Secondary School May Events

01 - Friday, 3rd May - Thursday, 23rd May - Official IBDP EXAMS at XLIS

02 - Thursday, 16th May - All-day Chinese Field Trip for MYP 4 & 5, DP1 

03 - Thursday, 16th May - Waterloo Mathematics Contest for MYP1,2,3

04 - Friday, 17th May - Student Led Conferences for MYP and DP 1 

05 - Wednesday, 22nd May 2:00 pm - Secondary Concert in the Blue Dragon Theater

06 - Thursday, 23rd May - Afternoon MYP 3, 4 students will be out at local school from 12:30 and will miss 6th period.

07 - Friday, 24th May - DP Graduation
08 - Wednesday, 29th May – Tuesday, 4th June - MYP5 and DP 1 Exams

09 - Wednesday, 29th May – Tuesday, 4th June - Sustainable Development Goals Projects

XLIS Upcoming Events in June

The end of the semester is almost upon us and we just have a few more weeks of school to go until the end of the academic year. For the month of June, we have a variety of different activities and events with which to wrap up the school year.

These are split between primary school (ECE and PYP), secondary school (MYP and DP) and whole school events. If you would like further information about any of these activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Parent Relations department by email at pr@xalis.com.

Whole School June Events

01 - 1st June  - 8:30AM-12:00Summer Musical Gala & Fair

This event will include fun games and activities in the morning, the musical gala entitled, ‘Children, Rise-up!’ in the Blue Dragon Theater and an international food tasting. The weather may be hot on this day, so please take precautions such as bringing a water bottle, sun hat and sun block.

02 - June 7th - Dragon Boat Festival - This day is a public holiday, so no classes will be held.

03 - June 8th - 13:00PM-15:20PM - Xi'an Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition
04 - June 8th - Weekend Charity Event - A Sports Day for physically and cognitively challenged adults will be held in the morning at school.

05 -June 20th - Last Day of School
This will be the last day of school for all students. We hope everyone has a revitalizing and restful summer holiday. We look forward to seeing you all in the new academic year!

Primary School June Events

01 - June 6th - 13:00PM-15:20PM - Fun & Field Day (ECE – P1)

This time our ‘Fun & Field Day’ has a water theme, which will enable students to cool off in the warm weather.

02 - June 6th  - P6 Orientation Day 

To further prepare our upper primary students for middle school, they will spend the day shadowing their peers in M1 and going to their classes together.

03 - June 14th - ECE & Primary Graduation
After a year of hard work and effort, our students can celebrate their achievements with their graduation from their current year level. The ECE graduation will be held in the 3rd Floor Auditorium from 11:00AM-1:00PM and the Primary graduation will be held in the Blue Dragon Theater from 1:00PM – 2:30PM.
Secondary School June Events

01 - May 29th—June 4th - MYP5 & DP1 Exams

We wish our students the best of luck in their examinations!
02 - May 29th—June 4th - Sustainable Development Goals Projects 

Our students will be working on their UN Sustainable Development Goals Projects, which will culminate in them delivering presentations on Wednesday, June 5th. These presentations will be attended by the whole of secondary.

03 - June 4th—June 9th - Exupery Exchange Visit
9 middle school students and 2 teachers will be visiting XLIS over a 6 days period from an international school in Latvia called Exupery. Whilst students are here, they will participate in different elements of school life, take part in a service activity and experience Chinese culture. We look forward to welcoming our classmates and colleagues!
04 - June 5th - PYP & MYP Dragon Creation
Our P6 students and M1 students will be collaborating together to create dragons out of recycled materials. This activity will help to build team spirit between students of different ages and prepare P6 students for what they can expect in the middle school.
05 - June 5th - Learner Profile Awards Ceremony
06 - June 12th - 8:30AM-11:40 - META Projects - Black Box Theate
07 - June 19th - Awards Assembly 

This is the penultimate day of this school year, so is an opportunity to give awards to those who have made outstanding contributions during the year.

We look forward to your participation and support.